Death pit of Missouri

maj 25, 2011

USA. Yesterday a huge tornado swept in over Missouri and at the time of writing 116 people have died and at least 1500 people are missing. Workers for the Swedish Red Cross say that they have never seen anything like this before and Missouri’s neighbours are shaking in fear of a new disaster. 

According to (25th of May), the high number of deaths and the missing is alarming when only 49.000 inhabitants live in Missouri. The tornado didn’t stop there, it continued onto their neighbours,  Oklahoma and Kansas, where there has also been reported deaths and people missing.

This phenomenon is worse than any other previous tornado in USA. People who lived there have had their houses destroyed. They talk about how the tornado has created a death pit, half a mile wide and a mile long, through the town of Missouri. Michael Spencer says to Fox News the 25th of May that he has worked at 75 disasters, but never seen anything like this.

In April more than three hundred people died of injuries after several tornados. Help from organisations has effectively worked along with the local people to get the city back on it’s feet. This time it has been harder to build up the city and find shelter for people who have lost their homes. This is because the material damage is so big and  scary, because metal buildings have been torn apart.

Totally forty tornados swept through USA last night and in some cases the tornado has destroyed a third of the cities. Theories about the cause of this dramatic weather phenomen is rooted in the issue of climate change. This is a sign of our earth not being taken care of , says scientists.

En ambulans kör genom näst intill totalt förstörda bostadsområden i Joplin. Foto: Charlie Riedel/Scanpix.

The phenomen of tornados.


                                                                                                              Cassandra Andersson 



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